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When Santa’s Sleigh Is In The Repair ShopNorth Pole Snowmen Don’t FretThey Just Call Up The Christmas Cow Cab Company And Away They Go Celebrate the Season with the artful and whimsical folk art charm of a limited edition collectible figurine from the world famous artist duo that are better known as Williraye Studio.Each Williraye Studio uniquely sculptured figurine transcends a spirit of sweet tenderness, reminds us of happy thoughts and evokes a childhood innocence, soothing sentiments to warm your home and heart this holiday season. Just Recently Retired Forever From The Artistic Collection…Elroy the Cow always wanted to move to a big city like Manhattan and hang out ice skating at Rockefeller Center and enjoy eating lush green gourmet grass along the beautiful parks and pastures of Central Park.So after retiring from the famous Borden Dairy just a few years back and moo-ving to the North Pole, Elroy now runs the world famous Christmas Cow Cab Company, the ultimate ride home for the holidays in country comfort and style.A road warrior at heart, Elroy always loved going out to pasture for hours on end and now that he’s got himself a new set of wheels, he is always on the go, crisscrossing the countryside on his big barnyard pull toy magnificent mobile.What a way to see the highways and byways of this great nation during the holidays, from Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall in the East, to Hollywood California and The San Diego Zoo in the West.Elroy has got one great big country cow spirit and zest for life too, being thankful he’s not stuck in a barn milking all day, but now on the open road celebrating the holiday season in freewheeling high spirits and wacky wonderful road warrior style.Finally being able to go home for Christmas, Benny the snowman is so glad that he has dipped his very last millionth white chocolate snowman cake pop at Mrs. Claus’ bakery ending what was one of the busiest of holiday seasons he will not soon forget. After gathering his gifts and a fabulously trimmed tree, he punches out and leaves work on Christmas Eve, calling up Elroy and his Christmas Cow Cab Company, to finally just sit back, relax and chill a little, on a very magical and Moo-ving experience down to South Beach to celebrate the season lying on the sunny white sandy shores in perfect after holiday, “Leave me alone, I’m Chillin’ on Vacation.”, silly seasonal snowman style. Williraye’s technique of rendering sculpture in cold cast Polystone® directly from the original carving translates to crisp, amazing detail – from the polka dots and stripes on Elroy’s country quilt to the realistic evergreen branches of the Christmas tree and even the red cardinal’s delicate feathers, you’ll be delighted with the exquisite quality of this handcrafted, hand painted collectible figurine. The creative combination of soft warm country colors stays true to the classic folk art appeal, while the artistic approach to story telling is depicted in each inspiring and artful figurine's theme.So while you bite into that moist and delicious white chocolate snowman cake pop from Mrs. Claus’s bakery on Christmas Eve, remember that one silly snowman with a great big spirit poured his heart and soul into that recipe to create the perfect holiday treat and now could not be more happier this holiday season, sun tanning on South Beach. A must have Christmas favorite for those collectors that thought they’ve seen, heard and had it all. About the Artists who are Williraye StudioDistinctive, unexpected, whimsical, classic and fresh Williraye Studio brings you home accents from the imaginative mind of Bobbe Punzel-Schuknecht and the remarkable carving talents of her husband Jeff Schuknecht. Their studio sits nestled in the rolling hills of rural Wisconsin, where life on the farm is expressed in their art.Bobbe is a story-teller at heart who instead of writing, shares her keen sense of humor, creativity and amazing talent through drawing. Taking inspiration from their life together Bobbe using a pencil, draws dozens of situations featuring unexpected characters before settling on the ones which will be brought to life by Jeff, who using centuries old techniques and simple tools – carves the drawings in wood adding shape and detail to make the final three-dimensional sculpture.After the carving is complete, Bobbe adds depth and richness with paint. Strongly influenced by classic folk art but updated with the mixing and blending of colors, the resulting story is one which will delight your family and friends for years to come.To best capture the subtly of hand-carving without the resulting deterioration of real wood, our products are crafted in cold-cast resin and then carefully hand-painted with strict adherence to the integrity of Bobbe and Jeff’s original work. Individually packaged, all Williraye Studio pieces arrive in four-color boxes to safely store for many years of enjoyment. Snowman Silly, Merry & A Moo-ving Holiday Experience Dimensions: 9”H x 6”W x 2.75”D Materials: Materials: Hand Painted Polystone®* / Metal Accents Williraye Studio Art # WW2941 – Moo-ry ChristmasPolystone® is a manufacturing medium used for cast sculptures. It is hard to find a medium that delivers a cleaner, more substantial representation of an original sculpture than a product manufactured in Polystone®.Polystone® has a significant weight, a porcelain-like feel to the touch, and an incredible ability to capture the most detail, making it unsurpassed in collectible manufacturing materials.Polystone® is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight and the porcelain or "stone-like" feel that resulted in the materials name itself.Polystone® is durable and highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish. Unlike porcelain which is fired in an oven, Polystone® is a cold-cast material in which no heat is used in the manufacturing process, resulting in much greater variations of paint finish.